Clear Indicators That Your Panty Doesn’t Fit You Well

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Times, when you feel uncomfortable with your undies, is not very uncommon. Changes in your body, such as weight gain or loss, pregnancy, surgery, menopause, or even just age, might cause your underwear to stop fitting. Or it might be that the underwear is just worn out. In any case, here are 5 clear indicators that your panties don’t fit (even if they once did). Learn how to determine whether your underwear is the wrong size, shape, or style for you by reading on.

Maroon Color Women's UnderwearSIGN #1: YOUR UNDY DROPS DOWN

If your waistline is too loose, such pants will not fit you. A loose waistband indicates that the elastic has failed or that you either purchased underwear that is one or two sizes too large. Unfortunately, that pair must go. Rest in peace, waistband. This is an obvious indication that your underwear doesn’t fit, regardless of whether it is too big or too worn out. Replace them right now by ordering super comfy and stylish Women’s underwear Calgary from Luscious Goddess.



Is it cool in here, or is it simply that my underpants don’t fit, you might be asking. Even though it may be windy, those pants aren’t performing their job if there are holes in the cloth at the crotch. Things may be hanging low because the elastic at the waist or around the legs has worn out. Alternately, the cloth may have become stretched out and lack the motivation to put itself back together. You want underpants, not a loincloth, in either case. That pair too must go.



To be clearer, it shouldn’t happen all the time for your underpants to sag into your crack (or just any old time it wants). Something is wrong with the fit of your pants if you find yourself having to modify them frequently. Your underwear should comfortably contain your buns no matter what type you wear or how cheeky they are. It shouldn’t feel like you have material pressed up between your cheeks the whole day, even if you’re wearing a thong. You should be doing better things than picking at your underwear. 



How to identify too-small underwear? The most noticeable aspect is that it leaves skin-related markings. Long after you take off your underwear, there shouldn’t be any visible outlines left on your body. They are obviously too tight if they do that. Do yourself a favor and never put your pants back on if you see deep grooves on your thighs or waist from the elastic, or markings on your hips from the seams, after you take them off.



The last thing you need is for your underwear to hold you back on days when you may lack motivation or are plagued by self-doubt. They are meant to literally have your back (side)! It’s possible that you don’t need to perform a cartwheel while working, but you should be able to sit, stand, walk, run, and, if you so want, perform a cartwheel. If your underwear seems constrictive, it’s either too small for you, or it’s the incorrect style. Replace them with underwear that subtly tells you that you can work all day. You’ll be happy you did it.

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