Curvy is the New Sexy | Evolution of Plus Size Lingerie


One of the fundamental parts of any girl’s wardrobe is her lingerie. With the right undergarment, you look amazing and feel even better, giving you a newfound confidence that carries into other facets of your life. That’s why it becomes even more reasonable to invest a little more in buying high-quality lingerie.

Now, talking about trends, gone are the days when skinny used to be a norm for the lingerie industry. However, with time, the outlook regarding the same has changed dramatically. In the present day & age, curvy is the new sexy.

That’s more likely because people are now becoming more rational and confident about themselves. Therefore, they are now embracing their curves. Even pop artists like Meghan Trainor have been glorifying curvier booty and bigger breasts, encouraging youth to practice self-love.

Earlier, otherwise, the alternatives available to most curvaceous women when it comes to their intimate wear were really rather limited because it was nearly difficult to buy Plus-size lingerie online in Canada.


This made it nearly hard to discover the best plus size undergarments. Imagine the challenges that many plus size women have gone through simply to acquire lingerie that makes them feel good and look gorgeous. It used to be challenging to get standard sized lingerie; almost 80% of women wore the wrong size bra. One may contend that finding a large size bra is even harder. While wearing a bra that is too small may not enhance your figure, wearing one without enough support not only looks unflattering but may also be harmful.

Fortunately, a type of revolution in plus size lingerie is taking place, making it simpler to get suitably sized underwear that fits nicely and avoids any issues. Today, there are numerous gorgeous bras available made exclusively for plus-sized women. These bras include robust under wiring that offers the support you need while still making your breast appear super amazing.

The fact that curvaceous women can now discover underwear that highlights their best features is another fantastic benefit of plus size lingerie being more widely available. Plus-size women may now appreciate their greatest features and have the choice to cover up whatever they may be self-conscious about without feeling uncomfortable.

Of all, every woman is unique, which is why it’s crucial to have such a wide variety of plus size underwear. It’s wonderful that there is such a vast selection of plus size lingerie because although some people may want to cover up particular portions of their bodies, others may want to flaunt them.

So, luscious Goddess lingerie proudly introduces the Plus-size lingerie online in Canada. Now, see, and order your favourite lingerie that fits you right from the comfort of your home, and take another step closer to being the sexier you.