Drool Worthy Lingerie Must-Haves for 2022

 It goes without saying that the most lingerie is the best expression of a woman’s femininity. Therefore, having the right ones for you is the ultimate key to boosting self-love. As you already know just like every single time ‘Luscious Goddess Lingerie sexy lingerie in Calgary’ would help you understand your body even better and choose what you need. These definitely includes the must-haves.

So why wait? Buckle up and read till the end. Make sure to make a list of what is missing in your wardrob

"Everyday cotton bra"

Sometimes  you just need to prioritize comfort over style especially when it comes to your carrying, and picking up a cotton comfort bra is a brilliant idea. They are non-padded, non-wired and comfy as nothing else.

"T-shirt bra"

Every girl who has worn a tight fitted tee or kurti knows that a smooth and well-fitted bra can be a lifesaver. In that case, you are recommended to choose a t-shirt bra that matches either the colour of your skin or the colour of the outfit you wear.

"Push-up bra"

Push-up bras are awesome especially when you want to accentuate your breasts, or when you plan to wear a dress with a low neckline. They not just give you a ‘push’ but  boost your confidence too.

"Sports Bra"

Whether you’re a fitness Freak or not, a sports bra is a MUST HAVE. Slip-on for your relaxing yoga sesh, a high impact alternative for a strenuous workout or just for a nice jog or a run.

"Perfect Panties"

Panties are super important and picking the right ones based on your outfit and comfort level is significant too. Seamless panties are surely needed under clingy clothing while cotton ones are great for breathability; thongs are a mighty finisher on this list.


Shapewear can make wonders happen for you. From smoothing bulges and making your tummy disappear to cinching your waist and creating a gorgeous shape. Choose from the wide collection of shapewear from luscious to make it for a big time. So, Still waiting? Hurry up! It’s time to buy sexy lingerie in Calgary.