Flaunt Your Curves | Swagify Yourself with Plus-Size Lingerie

It goes without saying that your body is a temple and all the ladies should take pride in it, no matter what shape and size. However, many beauties have an insecurity about their curves and find it embarrassing to get themselves plus-size lingerie.

Having said so, we live in a world where size no more matters, all that is required is to find the right size and right shape of the cloth to make you beautiful, bold and be who you are. With the right size bra, you can create magic in the dress you are wearing. It all depends on the lingerie you are wearing and how you feel. As a matter of fact, beautiful dresses and expensive shoes still fail to lift up your mood if the lingerie is not right.

It may be very convenient and easy to find the regular size of different brands which is not so in the case of plus-size bodies. It is difficult to find lingerie for plus-size bodies, getting to choose bras and panties of their choice and favourite colours. Only a few brands have them and Luscious Goddess brings you a never-seen-before collection of them.


So, gift yourself a strong dose of confidence by shopping for plus size lingerie Calgary right here at Luscious.

Couple of FAQs on plus size lingerie:

Q1. Which type of lingerie is best for plus-size women?

If you are very conscious of your extra size, you should go for plus-size minimizer lingerie. If you are proud of your figure and if you prefer to flaunt your curves, you have plus-size push-up lingerie on the list. If you’re going to feel special, you can get lacy or floral print lingerie with embellishments. There are many more varieties like T-shirt lingerie, strapless lingerie for off-shoulder dresses, and soft padded plus size lingerie Calgary. Buy the one that suits your needs and keeps you comfortable.

Q2. Are plus-size lingerie comfortable?

Yes, they are comfortable if you choose the right fit and fabric.

Q3. What are the things to keep in mind while buying plus lingerie?

Choose the right size. To find your right size, measure tightly under breasts to find band size, measure your full breast for the cup size, measure the widest part to find your hip size, and measure your full waist for the waist size. Avoid lingerie made from clingy fabrics as they may cling in all the wrong places and may make you uncomfortable.