How Is Lingerie Designed and Manufactured at Luscious Goddess Lingerie?

An in-depth look at the process of creating undergarments. To many of you, lingerie designing is like rocket science. However, that is not true but it’s somewhat close. I kid not! At luscious Goddess, One of the undisputed Lingerie companies in Calgary, we hire only the best cutting edge technology to tailor your perfect intimate wear. For instance, a zig zag lock stitch, pattern tacking, single needle stitch, double-needle stitch, and a separate machine for making bra straps are all required during the process. So, read the blog till the end to acquire the knowledge about how exactly literal undergarment designs come to life. #1. Designing: Everything starts with a vision. Most of the designers working at Luscious Goddess Lingerie Inc. are pro and fiery. Since women are natural creators, they are the essence. Normally, when we create, we get a concept in my brain and think to ourselves, “Gosh, we’d love that.” We have a character in mind. Women in movies have always inspired us. We write it down, do a sketch, and then I usually have a good feeling about it. It takes few or sometimes several attempts to form a design that is sensual, alluring and cute as well. Once the designing is done the draft sketches look something like this:   #2. Components: As soon as the designs are approved by a team of experts, they are turned into a digital form and different components to be used in the manufacturing of that undergarments are thought of. Computers play a huge role in this. We use the best technology to get the right components making your wearing experience seamless. A bra, unlike other types of clothing, has more than 20 components.   #3. Raw Materials: Choosing the appropriate underwear fabrics is critical since materials play such a vital part in providing comfort. Low-quality fabrics can cause a slew of skin problems. High-end feather-like materials, which feel like a second skin, are used. All of our textiles, including cotton, nylon, polyester, and lace, are of the greatest quality. #4. Deciding Upon Sizes: Bras come in at least six band sizes and perhaps 15-20 cup sizes. Each band size corresponds to a cup size, and vice versa. The bra cups are moulded into a natural breast form using a heat machine.   #5. Manufacturing: Once your undergarments have been manufactured, we separate it by style, size, and cup size. We also undertake a last quality check before sending our products to you. Luscious understands the value of confidentiality, thus we provide you with discreet packaging. Our items are always wrapped in basic cardboard boxes with no exterior labels or billing information. That’s all in detail. In case, if you think we’ve missed any part that would just be because of the company’s basic privacy policy.  All in all, at Luscious Goddess, your lingerie is designed with love and tailored with care, which is why it is one of the best and most loved lingerie companies in Calgary.