Lingerie Care: How to Clean Different Fabrics


One wrong wash and you might have to toss your expensive, favourite bralette or lace bra into the trash can as you cannot go back and save your lingerie. Could anything be more heart-breaking? Lingerie should be washed and dried just like clothing. No girl wants to witness the damage or staining of her favourite lace bra due to improper washing procedures. 


Experts at Luscious Goddess Lingerie, one of the very renowned lingerie companies in Calgary have rounded up and share the best methods to wash your lingerie in this blog based on fabric.

  • Lace

Lace underwear is costly, delicate, and needs special care when washing and drying. Fill the sink with lukewarm water and use a light detergent or lingerie soap to wash your luxurious lace undergarments. After that, submerge your lace bras or panties and let them soak in water for 15 to 20 minutes. After soaking them, gently rinse them under running water. Without using considerable pressure or scraping, you should push the water out. Never hang them. Lay your lace undergarments flat to dry.

  • Satin

Depending on the fabric composition, washing satin lingerie may differ. You can read the care label or use our helpful advice. Satin undergarments are either hand-washed or put through the washer’s delicate cycle. Add moderate detergent to cold water. Your satin bras or panties should be soaked for three to five minutes before being carefully scrubbed by hand and washed in clean water. Because of the risk of losing their original shape, you shouldn’t wring or twist them.

  • Polyester and Nylon Satin

Warm water can be used to wash these materials in a washing machine. Make careful to lock zippers, hooks, and eyes. After that, place them in the washing bag to prevent fabric from snagging on other garments. The ideal drying method is air.

  • Rayon Satins

Hand washing in cold water is possible for rayon satin. Lay them out flat to dry after you’ve washed them with a gentle detergent. Your underwear may be steamed with a steamer if it becomes wrinkled. Lay lightweight and little pieces in the lingerie closet after it has dry. Hang oversized and bulky underwear in the closet. When utilising clip hangers, use caution to prevent marks from appearing on your underwear.

  • Mesh

Mesh undergarments are portable and simple to maintain. The usual lace cleaning instructions apply, and you may lay them out to dry. For mesh lingerie, it is usually preferable to hand wash rather than machine wash. Mesh is made of polyester, elastane, or nylon, none of which contain embroidery, allowing you to machine wash them after putting them in a lingerie bag. They should be given a gentle machine wash.

  • Cotton

With its softness and excellent absorbency, cotton is durable and skin-friendly. A wide variety of underwear is available in cotton or cotton mixes. Machine-wash cotton bras and underwear. To prevent colour stains, you must separate the dark colours from the white/neutral tones. You may hang them to dry in the shade after washing.