Mind-Blowing Bra Hacks That Every Girl Must Know

Bras are almost a must for most women, yet they may be quite inconvenient. Finding the appropriate size is half the battle, but there are other issues too like dropping straps, pinching wires, and awkward necklines to deal with. Fortunately, women have been wearing bras for decades, and over that time, they’ve developed a number of tricks and methods to help girls get through even the most inconvenient situations. Following is a rundown of 5 top most lingerie related life hacks that are presented to you by ‘Luscious Goddess Lingerie’, one of the best lingerie companies in Calgary.



#1. Use An Old Bra To Make A Backless Bra:

Simply cut where the bottom of the strap joins the back and where the back meets the cup. You’ll be left with the bra’s cups and two slack straps. Then attach the bottoms of the straps to the bottoms of the cups so that it may be worn almost like a backpack.


#2. Straps Pushing Into Your Shoulders Causing You Pain? Under Your Bra Straps, Place Silicone Bra Strap Cushions:

They reduce the strain produced by strap pulling while also preventing skin grooves. While they’re fantastic for temporary relief and for specific bras with super-skinny straps that annoy you, you should obtain a professional bra fitting if this is a recurring issue. You may need to go down a band size and up a cup size since your straps are working too hard and digging into your shoulders.


#3. Use Bra Clips to Hold Straps Together:

Instead of buying a racer back bra, use a bra clip to temporarily hold your straps together. In a pinch, a paperclip will suffice. The following illustration shows how these look like shown in the following illustration.


#4. Do Not Simply Toss Your Bras In The Washer Straight Away: 

Premium lingerie is damn expensive, and they get easily destroyed. Hence, before washing your bra, place it in a special plastic ball like shown in the image below in order to ensure that it retains its shape.


#5. Bras may be stored by putting them over a closet hanger:

It will conserve space and prevent them from being twisted.


Final Words:

Up keeping lingerie is easier said than done. Hope the above mentioned tricks shared by Luscious Goddess Lingerie, the best lingerie companies in Calgary would help you in your everyday life, leaving you wondering how you got by without them.