Taking Care of Your Intimate Wear

Your bra isn’t a fancy automobile, and it won’t survive for years! However, how you care for your bra has a big impact on how long it lasts. Your underwear is an essential part of your day. It gives support, helps to mould your form, and influences your wardrobe choice. While your intimate apparel does so much for you, it does want a little bit from you in return – to be well-treated and cared for. Here ‘Luscious Goddess’, one of the most reputed and liked lingerie companies in Calgary has listed down the do’s and don’ts of handling the intimate right way.


First Thing To Be Discussed Here Is How To Wash And Care For Your Bra?

It’s crucial to hand wash all of your bras, whether they’re your favourite lace bralette for special occasions or your everyday T-shirt bra. They will survive longer if you take good care of them.

Here’s nearly all you need to know about caring for and washing your fashion bras, daily bras, and sports bras.

  • Cold Wash them– Your bras should always be washed in cold water. The elastic may be broken down by hot water, reducing its lifespan.
  • Wash you lingerie manually, not in machines– Always hand-wash your bras! Make an effort to do this as often as possible. The underwire may be harmed if washed in a washing machine. If hand washing isn’t an option, use your washing machine’s gentlest setting and store them in lingerie bags to keep them in shape for longer.
  • When washing your bras, use a good detergent– Select a detergent that is gentle on the delicate stuff. Bleach can harm the fabric of the bra as well as the underwire.4. Do not twist or squeeze or wring your bra- Never twist or squeeze your bras. In wired bras, this can distort the form of the cups or even bend the underwire out of shape.
  • Leave your bras out flat to dry– The elastic in your bras might expand if you hang them with clips or on a clothesline to dry. Lay your bras out flat to dry.
  • Don’t iron your bra- Heat will destroy the material, so don’t iron it or put it in the dryer.
  • Store your Bras flat– Your bras should be stored flat, not folded. Folding them might cause them to lose their form or shape.

How Should You Wash and Care for Your Panty?

A little additional care when it comes to cleaning your underwear may go a long way. Here are a few basic techniques for washing your panty and keeping them in good shape for longer.

  • Separate light from dark color panties– To avoid colour transfer, separate the light-colored and dark-colored underwear and wash them in separate washes.
  • Cold Wash your Panties– Always wash your underwear in cool or room temperature water. The elastic in your underwear may be ruined by hot water, and your panties may decrease in size as a result.
  • Panties should be hand washed– Hand wash your underwear, especially if they are made of delicate fabrics like lace or silk. If hand washing them seems too tough, place them in a lingerie bag before placing them in the washer.
  • To wash your panties, turn them inside out– Turn your panties inside out before putting them inside the washing machine.
  • When washing your underwear, make sure you use a suitable detergent– Use a detergent designed for sensitive fabrics and keep track of how much you’re using. If you apply too much, a slippery residue may form on your underwear.

Do not twirl your panties– If you twist your panties to wring out the water, the fabric may expand. So that they don’t lose their elasticity, lay them out flat on a towel to dry.

To properly care for your underwear, you simply need to follow a few basic steps which all the Lingerie companies in Calgary would recommend. If you’re unsure how to wash a clothing, look for directions on the wash care tag, which is normally sewed inside the garment.

Taking care of your lingerie not only increases its life but also ensures that it fits comfortably every time you put it on. So, treat your lingerie well, and they’ll return the favour!